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If you’re a beginner artist who just joined ETChster, welcome to the community!

You’ll find a global community of over 15,000 artists supporting each other and growing the art collector base across the planet.

If you’re just getting started on your art business journey, you’ve made a wise choice by displaying your art portfolio through Etchster’s free website builder for artists.

Why? Because so many artists’ websites are broken due to a lack of technical know-how and maintenance, and ETChster requires neither.

So What’s Forever Free All About?

The “Forever Free” plan is named for its price point. It costs nothing to keep a basic website live.

You have the right mix of tools to start learning digital marketing and once you’re ready, you can simply upgrade to Pro.

You get to hold up to 50 Etchings, which are both your inventory items and non-crypto NFTs.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive handy emails each week that will teach you a specific art business skill.

You get the all-important traffic tracker, which shows how many visitors you get when you send a newsletter, post to social media, get mentioned in the local news, etc.

And you get to build a profile about yourself and document each piece of your art.

Are you doing it right? You’ll know when you start getting interested buyers contacting you.

Is It Just a Free Artist Website Builder?

Sometimes new community members don’t realize how much is available within ETChster or that we get it, what you really need is an art business.

Yes, there is an artist website builder where you drop your artist profile picture that requires no technical skill and that can be managed from a smartphone while you’re on the go.

But the point of Forever Free is to help you learn to present yourself as an artist and that requires storytelling and support.

Almost all of our artists want to accomplish one of two things:

  1. They want to start making sales and eventually be able to have a thriving art business.
  2. They want a great art portfolio app to support their application to various programs.

Etchings – Preserving Your Art’s Story in Perpetuity

If you’ve already started to create Etchings, you’re on the right track.

Those are transferrable records within The Encyclopedia of Objects, ETChster’s online compendium of fine art.

So when you create an Encyclopedia entry, be sure to make it interesting. When you eventually sell that piece, you want to be sure it’s easy for your future collector to tell its story, too.

If you’re like our friends at Wooden Mantra, you’ll love being able transfer an Etching to your collectors because you get a permanent, physical backlink to your website.

Note: ETChster provides private art collection management software to collectors as well.

The ETChster Community

Did we mention how many global ETChster artists there are? So as a beginning artist, take advantage by asking for help.

If you’re a brand new artist, you can:

  • Write your profile bio and ask an artist who has a good one to give you feedback
  • Follow and get to know other artists in your local community
  • Ask for Reviews on your page in order to raise your credibility
  • Find inspiration and create a favorites board

But before you do those things, why not ask that person how you can help them? Could you give them a review? Could you make a post on your own social media about their work? Could you introduce them to someone in your network?

Always remember to be a good citizen.

Your Community Manager

If you haven’t met Stef yet, you should.

She’s an artist and technology enthusiast who splits her time between Cyprus and The United Kingdom (Newcastle).

Stef loves to answer artists questions and uses your feedback to help guide the work on the platform.

So Here’s Stef Sharing 5 Tasks You Can Accomplish with Forever Free

In fact, she highlights 5 tasks beginning artists can accomplish with Forever Free and shows you around her own profile as well.

Do you have more questions for her? You can reach her via her profile here:


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Eddie Davis

Back in 2018, Eddie decided there had to be a better way. He a baby on the way and a house full of original art from his ancestors. So he started building an art collecting app to catalog each piece and capture its story. And then he started buying (or trying to buy) original art in his home town of Atlanta, Georgia, United States and quickly discovered that nearly all artists had broken, out-of-date websites and made it nearly impossible to buy their work. So he connected his catalog app to a maintenance-free artist website. Somewhere in the middle, crypto NFTs exploded and then imploded, and the ETChster global community grew to ~15,000 artists and art collectors of all walks of life. Et cetera...