What Is an Etching in ETChster?

New members occasionally ask why ETChster uses the term “Etching” to refer to the digital records of physical objects that our users create.

One critic asked: “Why are you using the term ‘etching’ in such a broad way?  An etching is a very specific type of print.”

As you have already figured out, our community creates Etchings of all kinds of unique creations: paintings, sculptures, jewelry, drawings, and other types of fine art.

These Etchings are non-crypto, physical NFTs that keep physical art and its broader story connected.

And yes, there are ETChster Etchings of traditional etchings.

An Etching
Etchings – Physical NFTs for Tangible Art Carry a Unique ETC Number

So Why Did We Choose Etching as the Name for the Records in Our Community that Members Create?

  1. Because the term has a permanence about it that comes from the cliffside etchings of antiquity and etched stone in the great pyramids. Given that computer storage has become almost free, there is no reason the Etchings our users create can’t last millennia longer than those created by early civilizations.
  2. When used the way the critic above suggested, etchings are a tool from which many prints can be created. The Etchings in our system provide the same utility. Rather than constantly re-photographing, redescribing, and creating many disconnected records of the same unique object, the community simply creates a single Etching that they can then use for a wide variety of purposes. Sharing on social networks, advertising objects for sale, submitting for admittance to a program, and filing for insurance coverage are just some of the use cases. The Etching digitally connects the object to its story and the broader story of its creator.
  3. In terms of our artist users, we also use the term more abstractly, in line with this definition:

(of an experience, image, etc.) be permanently fixed in someone’s memory. – Source: Oxford Definitions for Etching

Our platform provides a higher likelihood that someone who comes across a public work of art will remember it. A potential fan will leave with the piece and an impression of its creator etched in their memory, hopefully returning again and again to their profile to see recent additions and learn more.

The Permanence of Cliffside Etchings in Digital Form

While we may take every precaution, sometimes fate has different plans for amazing works of original art. The Etchings created by ETChster users are permanent records. Even if the physical work disappears, the record and photos live on much like the cliffside etchings that have been around so long.

One of ETChster’s founders commented, “I have a house full of original art created by my family members. Some of them are no longer with us. I wanted to be sure my children could see these creations even if by some misfortune we have a fire or something else destroys them.”

Can Anyone Create an Etching?

Yes, in fact, anyone can create and hold up to 100 Etchings for free. We do require power users to pay a small monthly subscription that helps us maintain the community and keep enhancing the tools offered. Our Pro packages include many tools useful to both art collectors and artists.

Are Etchings NFTs?

Using a literal definition of “non-fungible token,” Etchings are NFTs, but we don’t call them that to avoid confusion. The term “NFT” is used most commonly by the media to discuss one-directional crypto tokens that point at digital art/objects.

In 2022, we’re starting to hear the term physical NFT and that’s closer to what we created with Etchings, but again, the media is obsessed with crypto NFTs, and a lot of people with money don’t want to touch crypto currency for fraud, tax complication, and other reasons.

ETChster, Etchings, and The Encyclopedia of Objects were designed for tangible treasures such as fine art.

Read more about how to use Etchings to accomplish the positive aspects of NFTs without headaches.

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