Tools for Art Collectors

ETChster provides a single platform for cataloging, tracking provenance, managing sales, insurance, loans & much more.

Simple, elegant tools for art collectors can be accessed from any device.

Tools for Art Collectors
Most art collectors know they are risking losses but are overwhelmed by the idea of cataloging their holdings, so we created an app that makes it simple and fast to catalog and manage fine art from any smart device.

We created Etchings (non-crypto NFTs) back in 2018 to help artists & art collectors establish ownership, authenticity, & provenance for tangible art.

Eddie Davis | Founder – ETChster

Simple Pricing

Plan: Lite

Hold Up to 100 Catalog Items (Non-Crypto NFTs)

Estate Management

Loan Management

CSV Export

Optional Public Website

FREE: Ideal for art collectors who are getting started or have small hobby collections.


Plan: Pro

Everything in Lite plus:

Hold Up to 1000 Catalog Items (Non-Crypto NFTs)

Document Management

Video Attachments

Bulk Editor

$19/Mo: Ideal for art collectors who have valuable holdings of generational interest.


Connect with Thousands of Global Art Collectors and Artists

By joining the ETChster Community, you can buy art and catalog your collection as well as follow your favorite artists and connect with other art collectors.

Do you own art but are afraid to call yourself an art collector?

Are you an aspiring art collector but don’t know how to begin?

ETChster Has You Covered

Join ETChster University for free and learn the in’s and out’s of becoming a great art collector.

Benefits that Private & Corporate Art Collectors Love

Custom Data

Unique ID/Serial Number

Photo Documentation

Sorting, Filtering, & Tagging

Public & Private Storage

Location Management

Loan Management

Transfer/Sale Tracking

Document Management

CSV Export

…In a Super-Simple Interface that Makes Cataloging Fast!

Art Collector Frequently Asked Questions

How many works of art can I catalog?

You can catalog up to 100 in the Lite plan (free) or 1,000 works of art in the Pro plan.

How do I access my art collection records?

The ETChster app is available on any connected device. Pro plan users will find more powerful tools for organizing on the desktop version while mobile is optimized for simpler tasks.

Does my collection have to be public?

No, you may keep your holdings hidden at all times.

Can I list art for sale?

Yes, if you choose to show owned works of art publicly, you may show a price in the currency you prefer.

Can I track loans, locations, etc.?

Yes, each object in your collection is tracked individually. You can manage the loanee and address on each record.

Does ETChster provide NFTs?

We call each record of an individual object in our art-collecting app an Etching. Etchings have many of the benefits for provenance tracking without all the problems with crypto NFTs.

Can I store photos, documents, and videos?

Both Lite and Pro plan users may store photos on each Etching. Pro plan users additionally may store documents in the format of their choosing and attach videos in either Youtube or Vimeo.

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