Artists Think They Need a Website…

They need to show their work to the world, be recognized, and be able to make a living off of their passion and their talent.

Many artists don’t know how to run an art business, so we created an app that catalogs art, powers a maintenance-free website, and teaches marketing & sales best practices.

They Do

AND…What Artists Really Need Is an Art Business

That Surrounds a Maintenance-Free Website and Converts Strangers into Engaged Fans Who Buy Their Work

Poor Website Choices Waste Time & Money:

Broken formatting

Menus not working

Page not loading

Doesn’t work on mobile

Not designed to show art

Terrible experience for potential fans!

ETChster Gives Artists the Website They Need:

Is effective for showing & selling art specifically

Can be updated easily from any device

Won’t break and cause lost sales

Doesn’t require constant, expensive maintenance

Makes it easy to understand how many visitors are arriving and how the art business is growing


Innovative Tools Like NFTs for Real Art, How-To’s for Growing Art Businesses, & a Ready-to-Help Community

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Getting Started Is Easy!

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Get your website problem permanently solved

Follow the coaching to grow your art business

Build your network of collaborators

Start achieving your goals

ETChster’s Promise to You:

Keep your website maintained

Continue giving you access to new tools, tactics, and resources to grow your art business faster

Never sell your info to vendors

Never place ads for others on your content

Your Promise to the ETChster Community:

Be a kind & productive citizen

Ask how you can help others before asking for help

Recruit new people into the art ecosystem

Do the work required to be successful

10,000+ Global Artists Trust ETChster to Manage Their Art Business

Don’t Waste Another Minute… Start Buiding Your Art Business Today!

Plan: Lite


Perfect for getting started, learning how to show art online, and working towards first sales of art.

Create & hold up to 100 Etchings (NFT’s for tangible art)

Basic, professional website

Access to the community & ETChster University, & accountability tools

Plan: Pro

$5/month or $50/year

For those already making sales, perfect for enhancing frequency, repeat business, & taking your art business to the next level.

Create & hold up to 1,000 Etchings (NFT’s for tangible art)

Customizable, professional website

Access to the community & ETChster University, & accountability tools

Pro Tools: bulk editor, document management, video integration & more

Download: 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes that Artists Make

…And How to Avoid Them