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Artists need to focus on building an art business.

Instead, sales fail to materialize due to poorly designed and/or broken websites every day.

Technology becomes a distraction instead of an accelerant.

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Built for Art

With an integrated portfolio that includes free non-crypto NFTs, documenting your work and listing it for sale has never been easier.

As a marketing entrepreneur, I couldn’t believe how hard local artists made it to find and purchase their work. I knew there was a better way.

Eddie Davis | Founder – ETChster

The Problem

Many artists pay a friend to do a custom artist website or choose a complex website builder that requires constant maintenance and end up with an out-of-date, broken site that won’t convince any visitor to have a closer look.

Terrible Design

You can’t look serious and make sales when your website is distractingly messy.


So many artist websites break due to lack of maintenance and can’t even be navigated.

Not Art-Optimized

Just any website won’t do. You need to quickly convey your style with minimal scrolling.

The Solution

All the Tools to Build an

Art Business in One Place

A Catalog to Manage Work-in-Progress & Ready-for-the-Public Works from a Smart Phone

A Connected, Maintenance-Free Artist Website that Converts Strangers into Engaged Fans

A Ready-to-Help Community of Artists & Art Fans

Etchings: Non-Crypto NFTs for Permanently Attaching the Story and Creator to a Work of Art

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Free Artist Website

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Perfect for artists getting started, learning how to show art online, and working towards first sales of art.

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