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How to Photograph Your Artwork Like a Professional

With Just Your Phone The Magic of Lighting The secret to a great photograph often lies in the lighting, and this is especially true for artwork. Natural light works wonders. ... READ MORE

Why It’s Important for Artists to Have Their Own Website

In the digital age, an artist’s presence online is as crucial as their presence in galleries. A personal website is not just a modern-day portfolio; it’s the hub of an ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Chris

The Spark of Creativity in Hollywood, FL “Hi, I’m located in Hollywood, FL,” Chris begins, setting the stage for a journey into their world of art. Their work, a diverse ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Xavier Mouche

Xavier, How Did You Develop Your Style? I always drew and painted since early childhood. Both my parents and grand parents were talented drawers and painters. When I was about ... READ MORE

Exploring the Problems with NFTs: Embracing a Sustainable Alternative

The Rise of NFTs: A Closer Look at What They Are Before diving into the problems associated with NFTs, let’s take a moment to understand what exactly they are and ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Darrell Johnson

Darrell, How Did You Develop Your Style? Honestly, I don’t believe I developed my style as much as I believe my style developed me and made me into the artist ... READ MORE

The Future of Art: Exploring the Potential of AI to Transform the Artistic Landscape

Art has always been a reflection of the human experience, showcasing creativity, emotions, and unique perspectives. However, as technology continues to advance, the emergence of AI has sparked discussions about ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Gabriel Ebele’s Production of the “Art Of Africa”

Gabriel, How Did You Develop Your Style? Natural adoption and study of ancient, medieval, and modern styles. What Mediums Do You Prefer? Like many artists, Gabriel enjoys using acrylic. The ... READ MORE

Top 5 Challenges of Starting an Art Business

Starting an art business can be an exciting and fulfilling venture. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. From establishing a customer base to managing finances, there ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Maleeha Afzal’s Best Creative Project “DESORCHIDS”

Maleeha, What Started You on Your Creative Path? It was sort of an awakening for me. I realized that life is PRECIOUS so do what you love, and avoid other’s ... READ MORE