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What We Offer: The ability for anyone to create permanent records of fine art in a unique database for artists & art lovers worldwide.

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What Is ETChster?

ETChster is a digital encyclopedia for art with connected tools:

Free encyclopedia entrees that hold a particular piece’s story (including provenance) that can be physically connected to a piece via a unique serial number. We call these Etchings and they can be transferred when a piece is gifted or sold.

An art inventory app where users can document works in progress, private holdings, etc. and manage insurance, loans, inheritance, and many other private and business matters.

Connected, no-maintenance websites for Artists & Art Collectors where they can show the world the Etchings they own and optionally list them for sale. They can also unpublish them (take them private at any time).

A supportive community of art lovers working to be sure artists get the credit they deserve and each work of art never gets disconnected from its story.

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Ensure the Story of Your Works Lives Forever

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What Makes ETChster Special?

Simple, Free, Non-Crypto NFTs for Real Art

Our community members create permanent digital records of their physical art, establishing authenticity and provenance and ensuring great art never gets disconnected from its story.

Connected to The Encyclopedia of Objects, our tools better marketing, sales, and art management.

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