Physical NFTs for Real Art

Get the benefits of creating a physical NFT for your tangible art without the cost or complication of crypto.

Your first 100 Etchings are free.

Etching - Physical NFT

What’s a Physical NFT?

Think of an NFT as a digital deed where someone claims ownership of something such as a piece of art.

Many people are trying to use crypto platforms such as Ethereum to make NFTs of tangible art.

A blockchain on the internet references something in the real world, but who actually knows the NFT exists? Or cares?

Crypto NFT Challenge

Now that the crypto market has crashed, it’s even more challenging to make the case to start using it if you are not already.

Both artists and art collectors subject themselves to fraud, technical challenges, and wildly complicated tax filings the second they adopt crypto.

Crypto is also TERRIBLE for the environment.

Non-Crypto Physical NFTs

ETChster released Etchings (non-crypto NFTs) for physical art before the NFT boom.

Artists and art collectors can create and hold up to 100 NFTs for free within The Encyclopedia of Objects with no tax implication or pollution created.

Transactions happen with traditional currency while the Etching changes hands like an NFT, establishing provenance and authenticity, and keeping the story of the art attached to it permanently.

Hold Up to 100 Etchings for Free

Benefits of Etchings as Physical NFTs:

Establish Authenticity & Provenance

Document Sales & Value at Sale

Permanently Affix the Object’s Story

Streamline Insurance, Estate, Loan Management & More

Environmentally Neutral

No Complicated Crypto Nightmare

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