Twitter for Artists & Other Social Media Strategies You Can Use

Learn how Twitter for artists makes sense when used properly. You’ll also learn strategies you can use on other social media platforms.

You may be able to attain some remarkable results even when tweeting from a Twitter profile with a small Twitter following. We’ll explore how artist Alex Scott got his ETChster portfolio circulating on Twitter and seen by an extra 600 visitors in a single weekend.

Artist Alex Scott Profile
Artist Alex Scott Profile

Your Social Media Marketing Vocabulary Refresher:

  • Followers – Other profiles on that platform (Twitter, Facebook, ETChster, etc.) that follow your profile and may see your activity. Keep in mind not all followers are active at all times.
  • Reach – The number of unique people that see a particular post.
  • Amplification – When other people promote your content (and thus, its reach is greatly expanded).

Wait a second…how did he know he got all of those extra visitors? Remember that your ETChster profile has a built-in traffic tracker. The app shows you how many visitors you are receiving on a monthly basis on both your home screen and when you are looking at your own public profile.

Now let’s talk about how Alex got all those extra visitors and generated some new fans!

It All Started with a Tweet

A few points about this tweet:

  1. It was about Alex, not Alex tweeting about himself.
  2. It included the handles of a number of other profiles with strong followings (for those that don’t know England’s Premier League football, the handles are all related to the Everton professional team).
  3. It included a well-cropped photo with good contrast.
  4. It included an ask: “He is desperate for these to be seen by his hero’s”
  5. With the combination of the above elements, it told a story very visually and concisely.

What Happened?

The tweet resonated with a number of people on Twitter. At time of publication of this article, it shows:


If you want to support Alex, consider retweeting it. You still can!

Luckily, Alex’s father Chris was standing by to answer the responses by telling all of the interested Twitter users where they could find more of Alex’s work. Alex maintains a very well-populated ETChster profile.

And check out his drawing they did! Over 600 people visited his profile in a single weekend.

They were wildly impressed with his work, and they started tweeting about him as well. He got amplification!

You might be thinking all the Twitter love happened because the Tweet came from somebody with a massive following and thus reach. Or maybe someone with a history of using Twitter for artists in their network? A celebrity or pro-athlete? Not true.

Chris’s Twitter profile only has 66 followers:

Twitter Followers
Chris’s Twitter Profile

What caused all the amplification? Chris was able to quickly tell a story and make an ask of the Twitter community. Chris stressed the importance of having an ETChster profile with lots of public Etchings: “It is good to have a lot of his pics in one place that can be accessed and viewed quickly.

When people saw Alex’s talent on his ETChster site, they wanted to help. They started retelling the story and it started trending!

How Can Artists Have Similar Success on Twitter or Other Social Media?

So Twitter for artists works. You can use a similar formula for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other platforms where posts can generate amplification.

Social media platform’s amplification + ETChster profile’s ability to show an artist portfolio quickly

For the post:

  1. Decide what it is you want. Something very specific and short-term is better than a broad, long-term goal like “More fans.” A goal like “I want Gallery X to see my work this month” is a good, short-term goal.
  2. Decide who can help. Can you find someone to post about you (an advocate)? ETChster makes it easy to find fellow community members near you.
  3. Do you have a target audience on social media? The post above was about engaging with professional footballers. Do you want to start a conversation with a gallery? Have your advocate mention them (using their social media handle if they have one) in the post.
  4. Include a link that shows your work. There are handy social media sharing buttons on both your profile and each public etching. Be sure your advocate posts a link that automatically shows an image. Posts with images get way more amplification.
  5. Be concise. Be sure the story is told in as few words as possible and let your images do the talking.

If you follow this formula, you may have great success starting with a social media profile with relatively little reach because you’re much more likely to get amplification.

Give it a try? You can put together a mini-social media marketing campaign very quickly. Your ETChster profile has all the images you need and makes a great destination. If you don’t have an advocate in mind, you’ll find community members more than willing to help. You might also offer to post about them in exchange!

Once your post(s) go up, take a look at your traffic tracker to see how well you’re doing!

What’s Next?

Did you:

  • Find this article helpful?
  • Have follow-up questions?
  • Have other related thoughts that might be beneficial to the community?

Post them in the comments!

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