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Michelle sells paintings through her public profile.

Yoyo shows fans where to find his murals all over Atlanta.

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Public Profile

Your ETChster profile connects your story, your profiles, your fans, your work, where to find it, and how to contact you into a single platform, so you always get credit for your creations.

ETC Number

Every object in ETChster is automatically assigned a unique ETC number, so when someone comes across your public work, they can instantly access your profile, objects for sale, and direct contact form.


Set prices in your preferred currency (even Crypto) and sell through your public profile, shop or website connectors without transaction fees.

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Rich Data

Each etching carries a number of optional fields such as description, creation date, creation location, dimensions, hidden notes and more tools to make staying organized easy.


Collections allow you to generate unique sets of your objects, so you can easily apply to programs, shows, galleries & more. Collections can be sent as a url or embedded in a website.


When you sell or gift an object with an ETChing, the new owner has a permanent connection between their collection and your profile.


Etchings allow you to store photos. When you sell or gift an object with an Etching, the recipient gets to keep the photos you include.

Custom Groupings

Create groups for sorting your objects. Each ETChing can be a member of multiple groups. You can then filter your catalog and create collections.


Let your fans know where they can find your public and for sale work. Each public etching becomes part of your creator map.

Sharing Connectors

Your etchings can be shared directly to email and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

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*ETChster Lite is always free. No payment info required.