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Based in the United States, Gabriel Ebele is a Design and industrial artist with over 35 years experience.

He has experience in stained glass works, interior and exterior design, book design, typography, package design, and so much more!

Read on to learn more about Gabriel and her art.

Art Of Africa Bini Mask

Gabriel, How Did You Develop Your Style?

Natural adoption and study of ancient, medieval, and modern styles.

What Mediums Do You Prefer?

Like many artists, Gabriel enjoys using acrylic. The reasoning behind this preference is because he appreciates the ability that acrylic has when expressing “bold and living colours”.

What Else Are You Up To?

Gabriel has recently been involved in the production of art on stained glass in translucent colours.

What Are Your Goals within the ETChster Community?

One important use of ETChster the ability to connect artists and collectors. When asked about his goals, he highlighted this use through an enthusiastic response:

“Sell! Sell! Sell!”

Are You Open to Collaborating

Yes indeed!

Art Of Africa

What’s Next?

Did you:

  • Have follow-up questions?
  • Have other related thoughts that might be beneficial to the community?

Post them in the comments!

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