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Based in Malawi Chakudza Kapsata started drawing in 2019. Since then he has been creating commissioned and noncommissioned portraits.

He currently only works with charcoal pencils and graphite in his artwork. When he isn’t doing artwork, he is working as a pharmacy assistant at the Mayani Health Center in the Dedza district of Malawi.

Read on to learn more about Chakudza and his art portfolio.

Chakudza, What Started You on Your Creative Path?

Chakudza's "Flower"

I wanted to establish and have my own creative portfolio, where people can get to know my art better.

There was a chance before to be trained in an art workshop, but they wanted someone with a personal portfolio. I didn’t have one, therefore I missed that chance.

How Did You Develop Your Style?

I chose it to be unique, therefore I came up to this level of drawing with much practice.

What Mediums Do You Prefer?

My prefered mediums are charcoal and graphite.

Where Can Your Works Be Found?

I am based in Malawi, Dedza.

Chakudza's "Inspire"

What Else Are You Up To?

I’m aiming at reaching international where my art should be recognized internationally, and also it is my vision to establish an art school in my country.

What Are Your Goals within the ETChster Community?

To be inspired by others art works and also to inspire others from my work. Apart from that to sell my art to those who may be interested to buy.

Are You Open to Collaborating with Other Members?

Yes, I’m open.

Lastly, Chakudza What is Your Favorite Etching Thus Far?

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What’s Next?

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