An NFT Alternative for Real Art

Get the benefits of creating an NFT for your real art without the costs or need to get your clients involved in cryptocurrency.

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Learn More About Problems with NFTs

What’s an NFT?

Think of an NFT as a digital deed where someone on the internet claims ownership of a digital file, typically a jpg.

Specialized software allows people to price and sell NFTs to others with similar wallets.

NFT Promise

Artists and art collectors can prove the provenance, ownership, and uniqueness of a piece of digital art.

Value in digital works can be protected.

NFT Reality

Lots of excitement but the technology is not living up to the hype for digital artists and art collectors.

A huge opportunity exists for traditional art to use digital tracking.

Take Advantage of the NFT Craze for Your Traditional Art

Your First 50 Etchings Are Free


Establish Authenticity & Provenance

Document Sales & Value at Sale

Permanently Affix the Object’s Story

Streamline Insurance, Estate, Loan Management & More

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