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Features that collectors love...

The Market

Expand your collection with access to the global creative class.

Rich Data

Each etching carries a number of optional fields such as description, creation date, creation location, dimensions, hidden notes and more.

ETC Number

Every object in ETChster is automatically assigned a unique ETC number. If an object is set to public or stolen, ETC numbers are searchable in the public database and link to the owner’s profile.


Etchings allow you to store photos. When you receive an object with an Etching, you receive the photos as well and can add your own.

Custom Groupings

Create groups for sorting your objects. Each ETChing can be a member of multiple groups. You can then filter your catalog and create collections.


If you want to keep track of where your collection is physically, you can add an address and ETChster automatically generates a map of your objects’ locations.


When you purchase or receive an item in ETChster, the past owner’s etching is transferred to you. You can then transfer it to the next owner.

Story Requests

You can digitally request stories about etchings. When the storyteller completes a story, it is stored on the etching.

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