Curator Map

The Curator Map shows the public where they can find your work. Each map pin links to one piece of work you have tracked in Etchster as an Etching.

How It Currently Works

The Curator Map is designed to be embedded in your website. WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and others support the format.

This website is built in WordPress.  Here is a Sample Curator Map.

You control what appears in the map through the Etchster app. Your Etchings with these characteristics appear in your Curator Map:

  • You are the Current Owner.
  • You have set the item to Public.
  • You have set an address that Google recognizes.

Your pieces display the following fields:

  • Name – Your name for the item.
  • ETC # – automatically set.
  • Description  – Set by you.
  • Address – Set by you.
  • Creator  – set by you.
  • Creation Date – set by you.
  • Photos – Up to five uploaded by you.
  • Photo Credit – Set by you.
  • Price – Set by you. Only shown if set to For Sale.

Where We Are Seeking Feedback

How could the process of creating an Etching and including it in your map be more intuitive?

Are there other data points that should be included?

What is the marketing impact of including a map of public work in your website?

How to Give Feedback

Request access to the Curator features.

Use Etchster’s built-in feedback form in the bottom navigation (Paper Plane Icon).

Screenshots are helpful if you are referring to something visual.