How to Use Transfers

ETChster maintains its own transfer records on each Etching. Transfers capabilities in ETChster give our community similar benefits without the problems with NFTs.

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How to Transfer an Etching

In order to transfer an Etching to a new owner, simply open the Etching to be transferred.

You’ll need to complete the form including the email address of the next owner.

You may optionally record a transfer price, which may be beneficial for your internal record keeping.

If the next owner does not have an ETChster profile, the system will automatically create one for them.

An Etching

Transfers are permanent. Once you transfer an Etching, it will automatically appear in the collection of the next owner with a Past Version record linked to your profile.

The next owner will be able to edit the current version of the Etching but will only be able to view the past version.