An Etching

Selling Works of Art Through ETChster

Any object cataloged with an Etching in ETChster can be set to “For Sale.”

To set an object for sale, you must choose “Public” and then “For Sale.” You can either do this while creating an Etching or later by opening the Etching and clicking “Edit.”

Once you set the Etching to “For Sale,” you’ll need to add a sale price. The sale price is not related to the estimated value (which is not public).

Where Are “For Sale” Works Shown?

Once you set the Etching to “For Sale” and add a price, that price will be visible in the following parts of the platform:

  • Your catalog
  • Your public profile
  • Your map if you set an address for the object
  • Any collections you create that include the object

ETChster provides users with a contact form that does not expose your email address, so selling through Etching will not result in your email address being scraped.

You’ll have the best chance to make a sale if you respond to inquiries quickly: 24 hours at most.