Best Practices for Responding to Inquiries

If you are using ETChster to market items for sale, you can receive inquiries from any of your public-facing artist or art collector tools:

  • Public Profile
  • Public Etchings in Search
  • Collections
  • Shop

In order to protect you from SPAM, ETChster does not expose your email in a way that bots can copy it.

Instead, your fans fill out a simple contact form that references the item when it delivers an email to you (unless it’s your profile general contact form)

Be sure you are not generating inquiries on items that are already sold.

There’s no easier to frustrate someone than to let your profile get out of date.

When you sell an item, simply transfer the Etching to the new owner. You’ll create a permanent connection with your customer and keep your profile up to date at the same time.

You’ll have the best chance to make a connection and a sale if you respond within…

24 hours

ETChster allows you to accept payment however you prefer, so be sure to include that in your response.

“P.S. I accept payment by cash, check or Paypal.”

Keep Safety in Mind

If you plan to physically exchange the item for payment, be sure to choose a public place such as a coffee shop or well traveled area.