Inspirational Artist Profiles


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Has a well-developed description, uses mapped Etchings, shows both his own work and works from his collection.

Artist Livingstone J. Amoako

Livingstone J. Amoako

Kumasa, Ghana

Uses a profile photo of him in action and excellent outdoor photography of his shell sculptures.

Nathan Sharratt - Artist

Nathan Sharratt

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Has great photography and uses video to show his performance art. See Inflatable (Ego) for an example.

Michell Everett Artist Photo

Michelle Everett

Rome, Georgia, United States

Takes great photos of her Southern Surreal paintings.

Ini Brown

Abuja, FTC, Nigeria

Top watercolorist from Africa has strong biography and great photography.

Yoyo Ferro Atlanta Artist

Yoyo Ferro

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Popular muralist shows his fans where they can find public murals all over Atlanta and surrounding cities.

Lynette Turnbull Artist

Lynette Turnbull

Pretoria, South Africa

Oil on canvas and charcoal and ink artist has well-cropped photos of her pieces. Uses a piece as her profile photo.