Using ETChster with Instagram

Artists who are using Instagram to connect with fans can send fans to their ETChster profile for more information on public Etchings.

Public etchings can be listed for sale.

Using your public ETChster profile to list your work for sale is a great way to have a public presence purpose-built for connecting around each object.

ETChster does not charge transactional fees for objects sold through the platform.

Each object in Etchster will show up in your profile map if you set it to “Public” and give it a location that Google recognizes, so be sure to list all works you have in galleries and other places.

Your admirers also want to see where they can find your public work that is not for sale, so be sure to include murals and other public installations in your ETChster profile.

Your public profile has a contact form that goes directly to you without revealing your email address.

Connecting Instagram to ETChster

To use ETChster with Instagram, simply open up your Instagram settings and set your website to your Etchster profile. Example: