ETC Numbers

As you add your unique objects into the database, Etchster automatically assigns an ETC number to them. Each number is unique to that object and starts with ETC.

Creating new Etchings and generating ETC numbers is a free part of the Etchster platform. The only requirement is that you create a user profile and don’t abuse the system.All you need to do to get a new ETC number is to create an Etching for the item and click save. You’ll then see the number.

Etchster automatically organizes your Etchings with your most recent at the top (highest ETC numbers). You can also create as many groups as you like to further filter.If you plan to put an object on public display, you’ll want to set the Etching to “Public” and be sure the ETC number is visible. Somewhere near the signature is perfect for original art or include it in the printed information

The public will then be able to learn more about the object as well as its creator and current owner

Create a free profile to start generating ETC numbers.

You may also look up an item in the database without creating an ETChster profile.