Best Practices for Connecting with Collectors

One of the happiest days in the career of an emerging artists is when a first art collector appears, validating all the hard work it takes to get to the point of being collectable.

A great way to accelerate career growth is through converting existing collectors into evangelists.

e·van·ge·list – a person who believes in your work so fervently that he or she aggressively promotes it to others.

How do you convert casual collectors into evangelists?

It starts with what marketers call “staying top-of-mind.”

top·of·mind –  first in collectors’ minds when thinking of a particular category (artist). … At the market level, top-of-mind awareness is more often defined as the “most remembered” or “most recalled” artist.

ETChster’s transfer feature was designed with this purpose in mind.

How does it work?

When you transfer one of the Etchings of your creations to the current owner (your collector), they receive the item into their collection AND…

  1. It contains the description you wrote and any photos you attached.
  2. It permanently links back to your profile (because you are that work’s creator).

What does that mean?

The collector who just received your Etching, now has a digital record that proves:

  1. He or she is the rightful owner of that work.
  2. You are that items creator.

How does that help me stay top of mind?

When your collector has the Etching of the item in their free version of Etchster, they are…

1 click away from your profile… permanently

That means any time they open their collection, they can click on your profile and see what updates you have posted, what new works are available, where you may have work on public display, or any other update you may wish to share.

All of that means it is simple for your collector to not only brag that they own your work but also quickly discover what you are up to and share how to buy your work with their friends (your prospective future collectors).

How do I build these connections?

It’s simple.

  1. Unlock ETChster’s transfer feature. You can either add 10 etchings to your profile in the Forever Free version or upgrade to any paid version.
  2. Upload items you have sold to collectors in the past. You’ll want to include great photos and a description that connects to your story.
  3. Collect the email address of your collector.
  4. Transfer the Etching to your collector.

You’ll be gifting your collector a 100% free profile in ETChster, and your work that you transferred will be the first item in that collection.

Most importantly…your item links (1 click) back to your profile so your collectors can stay up to date on what you are doing and share how amazing your work is with their networks.

Transfers are available on all paid plans or etch 15 objects to unlock transfers in the Lite version.