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    Based in South Africa, visual artist Tracey Woods continuously evolves her artistry.

    After recently completing 8 murals on Panamanian walls, Tracey finds herself inspired by the Maluti mountains of the Eastern Free State in South Africa. She enjoys capturing reality in her portraits, and she also finds joy in showcasing movement and texture in her art.

    Read on to learn more about Tracey Woods.

    Tracey, How Did You Develop Your Style?

    My style is an ongoing evolution. While I enjoy realistic portraits, I also love an impressionist approach with palette knife accents, with lots of movement and texture. Lately I have dabbled in a more adventurous approach to portraiture too. 

    Impressionist portrait of a woman
    The Soul Within

    What Mediums Do You Prefer?

    A combination of acrylic and oil. As well as both pencil and coloured pencil.

    What Else Are You Up To?

    I love walking and hiking, growing my own vegetables, and training my puppy!

    Where Can You & Your Work Be Found?

    I have been out of South Africa for the last year and have just returned now. Currently, I am based in Fouriesburg near the beautiful Golden Gate area of the Eastern Free State. Soon, I will be building up a collection as well as undertaking commissions.

    What Are Your Goals within the ETChster Community?

    To create a platform where my work can be viewed and prospective clients can find me.

    Are You Open to Collaborating with Other Members?

    Yes that sounds interesting!

    Lastly, Tracey What is Your Favorite Etching Thus Far?


    What’s Next?

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