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Based in Rio de Janeiro, Pina Bastos has a gift for creating things that exist and things that do not exist.

Her art reflects the balance of geometry in everyday life and how humans fit into that through visual storytelling.

Read on to learn more about Pina and her art portfolio.

Pina, What Started You on Your Creative Path?

I started drawing very early.

As a child I used to say that I made things that exist and things that don’t exist. As a teenager, I started studying, drawing, and painting in a free atelier (studio).

Afterwards, I studied journalism and took art courses at the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage.

How Did You Develop Your Style?

I started with the classic, then I adopted sketches as the main language. Influenced by concretism and constructivism, I arrived at what I call a “minimal design”.

What Mediums Do You Prefer?

With sculptures, I prefer aluminum and concrete, and in painting, acrylic on canvas.

Where Can Your Works Be Found?

In my atelier (studio) in Cosme Velho, Rio de Janeiro, and in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What Else Are You Up To?

I translate French and English for websites and publishers. I’ve been writing a book about my work.

What Are Your Goals within the

ETChster Community?

Share my work and meet people.

What’s One Fact About You That

Not Many Other People Know?

That I started making sculpture as a self-taught person based on drawings of cranes in the port of Rio.

Are You Open to Collaborating with Other Members?

Yes I am.

Lastly, Pina What is Your Favorite Etching Thus Far?


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What’s Next?

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