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Based in the United States, Mazzy Mercil is a self taught artist and born again Christian with a passion for serving Christ through art.

Below are her responses to a few questions we asked about her artistic journey. Enjoy!

Read on to learn more about Mazzy and her art portfolio.

Mazzy, What Started You on Your Creative Path?

I was drawing for as long as I could remember. Growing up that was all I filled my free time with. I mostly did it for fun of course, but once I turned 13 I started considering it as a career path and calling.

Jesus and Mary
Jesus and Mary (Easter Illustration)

How Did You Develop Your Style?

Through experimentation and leaning on my interests throughout the process. I’m inspired by animated films such as The Prince of Egypt and other films from that era. Additionally, I love historical artwork such as renaissance paintings and marble sculptures to name a general branch.

What Mediums Do You Prefer?

I do prefer digital programs mainly. However, another medium close to my heart are acrylic paints which have led me to freelancing.

Where Can Your Works Be Found?

I reside on Instagram and frequently post my latest works on there! – @mzz.nevaeh

Proverbs 31
Proverbs 31

What Else Are You Up To?

Nothing much. Just trying to get through to some bigger projects when school is not in the way.

What Are Your Goals within the ETChster Community?

To build more of an audience with my work!

Are You Open to Collaborating with Other Members?

I’m not eager to collaborate on things so unfortunately, no.

Lastly, Mazzy What is Your Favorite Etching Thus Far?

Etching 10609
Wolf and the Lamb

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What’s Next?

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