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Based in Malaysia, DESORCHIDS is a brand created by Maleeha Afzal in 2018 to help channel and express creativity in the form of illustrations and digital artwork.

We asked Maleeha a few questions about their creative journey leading to the inspiration for DESORCHIDS.

Read on to learn more about DESORCHIDS and their art.

Maleeha, What Started You on Your Creative Path?

Working out perfectly

It was sort of an awakening for me. I realized that life is PRECIOUS so do what you love, and avoid other’s opinions & judgements regarding that. And do not waste even a moment for the things you’re not into or you just don’t love.

If I put it simply…

Then my passion for art has led me to make it visible to the universe, and to the people who’re living here.

Joyously speaking, I founded “DESORCHIDS” company for this, since I wanted to invest my skills into my dream, and not be a part of a community who just forgot their own passion, and dreams.

This is my God-gifted talent, and I just wanted to appreciate what God has blessed me with!

By exploring it and by finding a sacred place and peace there. Then spreading it’s LIGHT to others, and make others realize that Art is really VALUABLE. You can’t buy this talent. If you want to join art-land then you must be willing to put your all efforts into learning this skill. Either you got this talent divinely, or you’ll have to put your efforts in learning one.

How Did You Develop Your Style?


Disciplined practice is the main key if you want to develop your art style. Also, encouraging others doing art remains crucial for me, as I can feel deep down what it is like to be in the skin of an artist.

So, respecting other artists and their work is something that has broaden my vision in art, and it has instilled energy within me to do my own artwork freely & efficiently!

What Mediums Do You Prefer?

Usually I prefer oil, watercolors, oil pastels, graphite pencils, ink, and pens.

Furthermore, digital art is also one of my favorites.

Where Can Your Works Be Found?


Currently, I’m working remotely. So you may check out my creative work on this site “ETChster” through my portfolio, which is also linked to my second LinkedIn profile “MillieJ09“, and artwork on my new Instagram “millillustration_09” which is public.

Also, you may search”TheMillieJeyy” on Google to find out all my other social accounts.

What Else Are You Up To?

I’m truly grateful and humbled to answer this question.

On the side note, I’m an intuitive tarot card reader, researcher, and content writer. Plus I already have embarked in the journey of becoming an astrologer.

In addition to it, I founded my company LCT “LEMURIAN CELTIC TAROT” a research company in 2020, which is on the initial stage right now, with a linked YouTube channel. As everything starts from something, and that something I already have built so far.

Connecting to this, I stepped out on such limited belief that a girl can’t run a company. I trust myself and in my God, in Higher Powers… whose guidance and support has encouraged me to do this.

Additionally, learning different languages, and then practicing those languages is one of my favorite hobbies, and skills too.

I’ll be diving deep into that while moving forward in life.

Spirituality is one of my top concerns. Since this is the main source of our connection with the divine realms & with ourselves too. I’ve learned about myself a lot, my own flaws, my own strengths, and charm. When I embraced this whole world of “Spiritualism”.

Educating myself further, while doing my remote-work etcetera is something that I’m really into, but not on the cost of my health. So, I kind of balance all these skills, and try to maintain that stability in my life with the help of God and my angels.

What Are Your Goals within the ETChster Community?

Finding and collaborating with my soul-tribe while expressing my artistic flair, and by living a joyful, meaningful, contented life through my artwork, and to learn more about art from other artist’s perspectives.  

What’s One Fact About You that Not Many Other People Know?

Abandoned Bear

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this as this is quite personal…

I’m a Super FOODIE. While having one meal, my eyes wander to different flavors other than that.

I’m much more creative in cooking meals and eating them too! 

People just notice my fitness but don’t know about what I eat, because ALHAMDULILLAH I’m excelled at it! Once I joined a conversation with my classmates and I excitingly informed them that “I AM A FOODIE TOO!”, but the response was “You… You’re saying this, how fit you are… You don’t look like a FOODIE from anywhere” and a loud laugh afterwards.

At that time, I felt it as an insult to me since they didn’t believe me. But later I acknowledged that this is a compliment and a huge blessing from God over me that He keeps me in shape. I’m not going share my reaction to their laugh with you guys because that’s HILARIOUS even much more than theirs. 

Are You Open to Collaborating with Other Members?

Yes on honest, harmonious terms, and with integrity along the way.

Lastly, Maleeha What is Your Favorite Etching Thus Far?

Luck of Ladybug

What’s Next?

Did you:

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Post them in the comments!

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