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For a number of our members who are using their websites as part of their art businesses, profile color customization has been a frequent request.

With that in mind, Pro members now have the ability to change the appearance of their websites, modifying background and button colors (without having to learn to code).

Read on to learn how to use profile color customization to give your patrons a unique experience.[/vc_column_text]

Pro members may now adjust the following colors:

  • The background can either be set to a solid color or a gradient between two colors
  • The button background color, which includes social share buttons
  • The button text color

How to Adjust Colors

You’ll need to be logged in to make changes to your colors.

1. On either a mobile device or desktop, click the Profile button in the footer. It looks like a silhouette.


2. In the top section, click “Color Customization” on desktop or “Colors” on mobile.
ETChster Profile Color Optimization
ETChster Color Controls Mobile


3. Background A controls the top-left background color. Background B controls the bottom-right color.

If you choose two colors, you’ll have a gradient effect.

If you make Background A and Background B the same, you’ll have a single, solid color background.


4. Button controls the button color. This includes your contact button, send button, and social media share buttons.


5. Button Text controls the color of the words on the button.

If you choose a dark button color, you’ll want a light button text color.

If you choose a light button color, you’ll want a dark button text color.

Make sure your buttons remain legible.

Additional Tips for Using Colors on Your Website

1. You can be as precise as you want. The color pickers support dragging to select a color, but if you know exactly what color you want, you can type the hexadecimal code instead. Be sure to click “Select” to lock in your choice.

ETChster Hexadecimal Color Picker2. Consider choosing colors that complement your profile photo. Apps including Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and many free Android apps allow you to discover the hexadecimal codes in your jpgs. Using your profile photo’s prominent colors in your website can make it all flow together.

See how artist Shelly Gu customized her website using colors from her profile photo.
Artist Shelly Gu Website

If you’re an ETChster community member on a Lite plan, you’ll also get additional capacity, bulk editing, video embed, document management and more capabilities by upgrading to Creator Pro.

What’s Next?

Did you:

  • Have follow-up questions?
  • Have other related thoughts that might be beneficial to the community?

Post them in the comments!

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