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ETChster Pro is $19/month. ETChster Establishment is $249/month. Cancel anytime, no long term commitment.

Commonly referred to as archive, catalog, or inventory software for museums, a catalog in the ETChster cloud additionally provides connectivity to websites, email and The Encyclopedia of Objects.

"We recommend this to historical societies & museums as it is an excellent piece of software." - The Patch Works Art & History Center

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Intuitive tools for world-class museums and history centers...

Rich Data

Each etching carries a number of optional fields such as description, creation date, creation location, dimensions, hidden notes and more tools to make organizing your art or artifact collection easy.

Cross Platform Cloud Storage

The ETChster museum cloud is accessible from any connected device: phone, tablet or desktop.


Museum collections allow you to generate unique sets of objects, so you can easily populate individual website pages, create traveling exhibits, and more.

ETC Number

Every object in the ETChster museum archive is automatically indexed in the cloud with a unique ETC number that permanently links to its collection and institution.


Etchings hold photos from past and present owners for provenance and condition tracking and populate connected websites.

Custom Groupings

Custom groups can be used for organizing internal archives or to power public collections. Objects can belong to multiple groups making it easy to manage large museum inventories.


Export tools make it easy to print lists of holdings and manage insurance, maintenance and more.


When you acquire an object through ETChster, the transfer record establishes provenance of the object and maintains permanent links back through previous owners to its creator.

Public Profile

Each museum’s ETChster profile connects its story, fans, collection and its creators, website, social media & more.


Public maps make collections easy to find whether in-house or on display globally.

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We recommend this to historical societies, museums, and artists as it is an excellent piece of software.

I own and operate a small non-profit museum in Atlanta, GA, and we were looking for a software package for archiving historical artifacts, documents, and photographs after creating a database on our own.

In our research, we found that programs were rather expensive, especially for a non-profit. But we couldn’t really find a program that suited our needs unless we paid the high price. Then we found ETChster.

It could do everything we wanted and more, so we got it without hesitation. It has been in use for about 5 months now and each time we add items to the collection we are impressed with how easy it is to archive our inventory.

Not only is it great for small museums, but for artists as well, to upload and share their work via the database.

We recommend this to historical societies, museums, and artists as it is an excellent piece of software.

Nina Jean Elsas, CuratorThe Patch Works Art & History Center, Cabbagetown, Atlanta, GA

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