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As we continue to improve ETChster and make it even easier to help people find out about interesting objects, we’ve received great feedback that the Etching Request tool is very easy to use, but…

Getting responses to Etching Requests is harder AND there are so many great artists who are not getting credit for their work.

With that in mind, all open Etching requests now have a home that’s open to the public (you don’t have to have an ETChster account) to access them.

Etchings Requested

Etching Requests

If you come across something great like a mural, statue, hieroglyphics, or other public art just snap a picture and add the address if available. If not, the city and country will help clue in experts to respond or even send your request over to the creator.

How to Create an Etching Request

To create an Etching Request, simply open the app on your smartphone or computer and click the pencil icon in the footer (2nd from right).

Go ahead and submit your Etching Request, so the public can see what you’re curious about. It’s anonymous to make a request but you’ll get notified when someone answers your request.

Request an Etching - ETChster

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