Get Your Company’s Collection Cataloged & Start Tracking Art Like a Pro

With ETChster, cataloging your corporate art collection is simple.


What Is ETChster?

ETChster is a digital platform for art where corporate collectors can :

A robust cataloging tool that tracks provenance, sale price, loans, & allows you to attach documents and videos to each piece’s record.

An art inventory app that shows you all of your holdings so you can check location, price, insurance status, & more in seconds.

Browse & purchase directly from artists locally and globally. Receive the artist’s story of each piece when you make a purchase.

Free, US-based support along with helpful how-to articles.

Import/catalog setup services available upon request.

Eddie Davis

Eddie Davis | Founder

Long before Crypto NFTs exploded and then crashed, I built a cloud system for tracking my personal art collection with the goal of attaching the story of each piece to it and being able to transfer both the art and records to my children.

When I realized how many collectors across the globe were losing records related to provenance or even losing track of the art itself, we added additional capabilities to enable effortless corporate art collection management.

We’re extremely proud to help modernize the art ecosystem and make it easier for corporate collectors to manage their collections and support artists locally and globally.

Features Corporate Art Managers Love

Manage Your Art Collection:






Discover & Support Artists:

Get Notified of New Artists in Your Area

Search Artists Globally

Connect/Purchase Directly

Receive the Etching Along with the Art

What Makes ETChster Special?

Simple, Free, Non-Crypto NFTs for Real Art

Our community members create permanent digital records of their physical art, establishing authenticity and provenance and ensuring great art never gets disconnected from its story.

An Etching