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The Artist’s 6 Stages of Initiation

In business school, they talk about The 6 Stages of Entrepreneurship. But in art school, they don’t even use the word entrepreneur.They should. And then that spark comes back again, ... READ MORE
Art Gallery

How to Work with Art Galleries

I think that we can all agree that it’s difficult to break into the art business. Emerging artists usually have little sales or exhibition experience and often struggle to find ... READ MORE

Overcoming Overwhelm

I recently suffered a crisis. My relationships weren’t connecting, my creativity wasn’t flowing. I was overwhelmed and overwrought. It felt like the work was stagnant and it became a battle ... READ MORE

How to Get Decision-Makers to Read Your Email

Have you ever opened up an email that feels like a generic cold-call? You know those emails that ask you to give your art away for “good exposure” ­– from ... READ MORE
Join Co-Op Art Gallery

Should You Consider Joining a Co-Op Art Gallery?

An artist’s life is a balancing act.   Managing finances for the art studio, honing one’s artistic skills, finding the right platform to showcase works of art, thinking of social promotion, ... READ MORE

How to Price Art

Are You Pricing Your Art Wrong? Knowing how to price your art can be really intimidating. Trust me I know. It’s one of the things that artists ask me about ... READ MORE
Artist Career Tips

Artist Career Tips: Writing a Perfect CV for Artists

AA Curriculum Vitae, otherwise known as a CV, is an overview of your professional art career. It includes your work history and any achievements you have gained on your journey ... READ MORE
Artist Secrets to Build an Audience

5 Secrets to Build an Audience for Your Art Business

Artists who have a solid audience base most often see consistent sales and growth and new opportunities. But building a target audience is not easy!  It’s an investment of time ... READ MORE
How Artists Make Money

Ways Artists Make Money

There are all kinds of ways to make money from your creativity. Let’s take a look at some of them. Get Your Work Out There Yes, you can exhibit in ... READ MORE
Share Your Creative Gifts

How to Share Your Creative Gifts

I once dragged a film crew to the Scottsdale Arts Festival where the cameras followed me as I collected wisdom from exhibiting artists. I wanted to capture the artists’ stories, ... READ MORE