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Canada’s Carlos Arriola Started Painting “Seriously” During Covid-19 & Look at the Results

Carlos, we’ve seen some really beautiful paintings on your ETChster profile. Can you tell us more about your aesthetic and subject matter? I have really started to paint seriously since ... READ MORE
Underdeveloped New Artist Website

Congrats on Your Brand New Artist Website…Now What?

With that in mind and based on 100s of conversations with artists who are learning their way with digital marketing (websites, email, e-commerce, etc.), we wanted to provide an overview ... READ MORE
Global Map of Public Etchings

Coming in 2023: ETChster’s Mural World Map

Why Would We Map the World’s Murals? This project fits with ETChster’s overall mission for a number of reasons: The Public Map Elevates Public Art Globally, recognition for public art’s ... READ MORE

Classic Art Forgery Plot at Its Finest: A Real Vermeer Film Review

What Is the Plot of a Real Vermeer? The final ingredient to create a “perfect forgery” is a form of plastic that acted as a hardening agent called Bakelite. By ... READ MORE

What Makes an NFT Valuable and How to Find Them?

NFTs are a particular class of digital assets that take the internet by storm. If the internet is going crazy over NFT tokens, then it’s worth understanding what they are ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Gordana Pavlovic Seeks Inspiration, Uses Art Therapy to Help Children

Gordana, What Started You on Your Creative Path? The work that is behind me, from the great energy I have when I work with people when I do what I ... READ MORE

What Is NFT Art and How Does It Work?

What Is NFT Art? Ethereum, and to a lesser extent, Cardano (another crypto) are where most of the NFTs during the speculative boom were created. They almost all hyperlink to ... READ MORE
"Lady Meme" by Ghadeer Abzar - ETC8538

How to Easily Create NFT Art Without Crypto

Is It Necessary to Use Cryptocurrency when Creating NFT Art? Even if you’re selling art for prices that are aligned with the value of the actual art, if you try ... READ MORE

Wooden Mantra – Centuries Old Wood-Sculpting Clan Replaces Crypto NFTs with Etchings to Link Their Creations to Their Business

Lenin, we’ve seen some really beautiful wooden carvings on your ETChster profile. Can you tell us more about what Wooden Mantra creates? In the early days (before the industrial revolution), ... READ MORE
Lenin Rajaram - Clan Wooden Mantra

What Are the Benefits of NFTs for Artists

When the craze ramped up in early 2021 and celebrities were “pumping” crypto NFTs for artists, mostly on the Ethereum blockchain, a number of creators and speculators made money on ... READ MORE