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Top 5 Challenges of Starting an Art Business

Starting an art business can be an exciting and fulfilling venture. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. From establishing a customer base to managing finances, there ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Maleeha Afzal’s Best Creative Project “DESORCHIDS”

Maleeha, What Started You on Your Creative Path? It was sort of an awakening for me. I realized that life is PRECIOUS so do what you love, and avoid other’s ... READ MORE
wolf & the lamb

New & Notable: Mazzy Mercil’s Past-Time Turned Calling

Mazzy, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I was drawing for as long as I could remember. Growing up that was all I filled my free time with. I ... READ MORE
Favorite etching

New & Notable: David Rule’s Abstract Creations

David, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I have always loved color and drawing from a very young age.   How Did You Develop Your Style? I am always ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Chakudza Kapsata And The Power of Practice

Chakudza, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I wanted to establish and have my own creative portfolio, where people can get to know my art better. There was a ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Megan N Miller’s Artistic Lifeline

Megan, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I’ve always been a dabbler in creative and crafty things. I can thank my Mum for that, I think. She was always ... READ MORE
The Love of Elephants

New & Notable: Karen Mazaham and the World Around

Karen, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I’ve been sketching and painting since I can remember. Being a quiet kid, I loved sitting alone drawing or taking photographs. I’m a ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Patricia Bingham’s Colorful Vision

Patricia, How Did You Develop Your Style In Art? I developed my style through trial and error. It also helped me to look at a lot of art. What Started ... READ MORE
Realistic Dog Portrait

New & Notable: Tracey Woods’ Adventurous Approach

Tracey, How Did You Develop Your Style? My style is an ongoing evolution. While I enjoy realistic portraits, I also love an impressionist approach with palette knife accents, with lots ... READ MORE

Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict – The Life and Legacy

Art Addict: A Passion for Art and a Wealth of Resources The film begins with a brief overview of Guggenheim’s family background. She was born into a wealthy New York ... READ MORE