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"Inflection" by Ruben Cukier - ETC3411

How to Manage Art Estate Planning

When we covered The Most Value Art Collections in the World, we were looking at individuals with art collections in the art business worth billions of dollars. However, even more ... READ MORE

New Feature: Artist Reviews

If you’ve read what Crista Cloutier has to say about building your art business or the 6th common artist website mistake, you’ll recall that building trust is critical for your ... READ MORE

Getting in the Drawing Zone with Artist Alex Scott

Alex, we’ve been lucky enough to see your work and its evolution for a number of years via your ETChster profile. You’re still very young to be so talented. How ... READ MORE

NFT Progress – An Update on Digital Art with Wes Finley

Wes, you’ve been involved with cryptocurrency for a number of years…could you describe your involvement? I first got involved when I did research and wrote articles about Bitcoin for ... READ MORE

How to Work with an Artist Coach

If you’re an artist, you already know how important it is to keep learning. Curiosity is the artist’s calling card, and devotion to craft is what separates the professionals from ... READ MORE

The Artist’s 6 Stages of Initiation

In business school, they talk about The 6 Stages of Entrepreneurship. But in art school, they don’t even use the word entrepreneur.They should. And then that spark comes back again, ... READ MORE
Art Gallery

How to Work with Art Galleries

I think that we can all agree that it’s difficult to break into the art business. Emerging artists usually have little sales or exhibition experience and often struggle to find ... READ MORE

Overcoming Overwhelm

I recently suffered a crisis. My relationships weren’t connecting, my creativity wasn’t flowing. I was overwhelmed and overwrought. It felt like the work was stagnant and it became a battle ... READ MORE

How to Get Decision-Makers to Read Your Email

Have you ever opened up an email that feels like a generic cold-call? You know those emails that ask you to give your art away for “good exposure” ­– from ... READ MORE

What Is an NFT Art Collection?

If you’re considering starting an art collection or already collecting works of fine art and have heard about extraordinary sales prices for digital art, you’ll want to learn more about ... READ MORE