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New & Notable: Chakudza Kapsata And The Power of Practice

Chakudza, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I wanted to establish and have my own creative portfolio, where people can get to know my art better. There was a ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Megan N Miller’s Artistic Lifeline

Megan, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I’ve always been a dabbler in creative and crafty things. I can thank my Mum for that, I think. She was always ... READ MORE
The Love of Elephants

New & Notable: Karen Mazaham and the World Around

Karen, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I’ve been sketching and painting since I can remember. Being a quiet kid, I loved sitting alone drawing or taking photographs. I’m a ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Patricia Bingham’s Colorful Vision

Patricia, How Did You Develop Your Style In Art? I developed my style through trial and error. It also helped me to look at a lot of art. What Started ... READ MORE
Realistic Dog Portrait

New & Notable: Tracey Woods’ Adventurous Approach

Tracey, How Did You Develop Your Style? My style is an ongoing evolution. While I enjoy realistic portraits, I also love an impressionist approach with palette knife accents, with lots ... READ MORE

Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict – The Life and Legacy

Art Addict: A Passion for Art and a Wealth of Resources The film begins with a brief overview of Guggenheim’s family background. She was born into a wealthy New York ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Pina Bastos Beautifully Integrates Human Figures Into Geometric Shapes

Pina, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I started drawing very early. As a child I used to say that I made things that exist and things that don’t ... READ MORE

New & Notable: Elijah Reagan Views Art as the Visualization of Sounds & Dreams

Elijah, What Started You on Your Creative Path? I have always loved Art. It was my favorite class because it allows you to express the things that are too profound for ... READ MORE

Canada’s Carlos Arriola Started Painting “Seriously” During Covid-19 & Look at the Results

Carlos, we’ve seen some really beautiful paintings on your ETChster profile. Can you tell us more about your aesthetic and subject matter? I have really started to paint seriously since ... READ MORE

Classic Art Forgery Plot at Its Finest: A Real Vermeer Film Review

What Is the Plot of a Real Vermeer? The final ingredient to create a “perfect forgery” is a form of plastic that acted as a hardening agent called Bakelite. By ... READ MORE